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A Naturalist’s Year
in the San Juan Islands

The San Juan Archipelago of Washington State is a wondrous place where the land meets the sea. The Olympic Mountains to the south and west act as a barrier that protects the islands from the rains of harsh Pacific Storms creating a shadow of dryness – the rainshadow – that supports biological diversity.

In Rainshadow World, naturalist Susan Vernon explores the fascinating world of wildlife in this rich realm. From rocky shores and tall grass prairies, to forests draped with mosses and lichens and resonating to the drumbeat of pileated woodpeckers, she encounters the first wildflowers of spring, watches a bald eagle’s first flight, surveys rare island marble butterflies, and wonders at whales playing in the moonlight. Susan knows the secret places to explore and takes readers on a compelling journey through an island year.


Comprehensive plant and animal checklists  for the San Juan Islands including Selected Plants, Birds, Butterflies, Land Mammals, Marine Mammals, and Reptiles & Amphibians. Also, an extensive list of reference works regarding the early  exploration, cultural, and natural history of the archipelago.

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Friday Harbor, WA  98250

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ISBN:  978-0-9653185-2-5
266 pages


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