SUSAN VERNON - author and naturalist

RAINSHADOW WORLD - A Naturalist's Year in the San Juan Islands


**** "Rainshadow World is an affectionate portrait of a unique place seen through the eyes of an observer who delights in both the familiar and the unexpected, and finds meaning in the cycle of life. Whether you know the San Juan Islands or not, this book is worth reading as an example of the rich stories to be heard when you pay attention to a particular place and take note of the inhabitants, and change over time. In Vernon's writing, the result is rewarding, a book to be savored and enjoyed a bit at a time, through the  year."  - Susan J. Tweit / Story Circle Book Reviews /  For complete review go to:

Susan Vernon reminds us that the real magic of the San Juan Islands can be found in the natural cycles and stories that are constantly taking shape in the midst of   spectacular vistas and charismatic wildlife.  Vernon is a delightful narrator, and this is an inspiring and unforgettable book.”   - Tim Seifert, executive director of  The San Juan Preservation Trust.

"It is a fine book, a credit to the field of nature writing, and a great introduction to the San Juan Islands." - Dennis Paulson, author of Dragonflies and Damselflies of the West and Shorebirds of the Pacific Northwest

"Rainshadow World is a triumph.  The writing is superb and the descriptions make me want to get out there and do some botanizing." - Thor Hanson, author of Feathers: the evolution of a natural miracle. 

"... a great addition to the natural history, and naturalist writing for this special part of the world." -  Saul Weisberg, executive director of the North Cascades Institute and author of North Cascades.

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"The book – It is like reading a song. There is much to be learned in the details and episodes of discovery.   Susan Vernon raises the island realm from a hidden little corner to a great place in the geographic scheme of things.  … done with such a felicity of words and phrases that reading it is a constant treat.  It is a truly dear book."  - Alice McDonnell, Green Valley,  Arizona. 

"Simply put, this book is fantastic! As a fellow Islander, I can say that Ms. Vernon's stories and writing style create in my mind a clear picture of the flowers and other plants she describes. As I read I can so easily picture similar walks I've taken, seeing the same flowers, boulders, and creeks I recognize on the page. Her manner is reminiscent of other authors, Aldo Leopold, for example, the sharp details and descriptions of common flora and fauna perfectly true, graceful, and authentic. This book is destined to be a classic. Highly recommended!"  - Maggie Loesing, Friday Harbor, Washington. 

"Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful writing. I immediately took the book to my mother and gifted it to her...and she was so delighted to hear your descriptions of Yellow Island.  We both have read chapters to one another and are savoring the book slowly."  - Becky Hall Karschney, Seattle (Granddaughter of Lewis & Elizabeth Dodd, first stewards of Yellow Island, a preserve of The  Nature Conservancy in the San Juan Islands.)

"Meticulous; Susan Vernon writes about the natural world with such love and intention that it overwhelms ..."


"This very morning  at 6 am I saw a huge glowing ball of sun and soon sat down with “August” to find I had seen exactly Vernon's “Apricot sun.”   



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